About - little imp

Everyday Beautiful with a Conscience

Hello! My name is Sarah, I am the owner/designer/maker of Little Imp jewellery.I create beautiful minimalist modern jewellery and design-lead fingerprint jewellery with an environmentally friendly ethos. From simple geometries to bolder statement pieces Little Imp jewellery is designed to be highly versatile. These pieces will look as at home with your favourite t-shirt and jeans as they will with that little black dress. As much as possible, Little Imp jewellery is created from recycled silver and packaged and shipped in environmentally friendly materials as well. I endeavour to create jewellery in the greenest way possible by dispensing with many of the chemicals commonly used in jewellery making and using green alternatives in their stead. Additionally, the polishing compunds used in my studio are not animal fat based -as is common practice- and so make for a great option for the vegetarian or vegan shopper. Little Imp wants you to look beautiful everyday and still feel good about it.

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